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In one day George loses everything. Now he's on a mission to take it back. George the Cat has finally been restarted. I'm putting up the final strips of Series 2 now. I'm hoping to be finished by the end of May. I'll try to update every wednesday if possible. Make sure you read part 1 of each strip. They come out in parts 1 and 2.


» Finishing the Series

It's been almost 3 years to the day I last put up a George the Cat comic. A lot has changed since then. City Folk is doing awesome and I feel like I've finally had enough spare time to pump out some more for this comic.

I drew one full page last night and am planning on finishing part 2 of that chapter (ch 20) this week. I had to read back a ways to remember what this comic was about, haha. I really want to finish this strip so it's not looming over me like a dead horse. Ew.

Thanks guys and girls!

» Incomplete

For those of you who didn't know or haven't heard, George the Cat is on a temporary break. Because I'm in school full-time and am responsible for updating City Folk three times a week, I've left this story incomplete. I'm hoping to get back to it and finish sometime next summer. Until then, head over to http://cityfolk.smackjeeves.com

» Cleaning Up

This site is undergoing some work. It shouldn't look like this for long.

» Conclusion

Hey guys,
sorry I haven't updated since...December 30. Way back in 2008. Things with City Folk are running very smoothly. I'm finding it a lot easier to keep a normal schedule there.
I plan on finishing this comic as soon as I can. The story is almost finished, so hopefully a few more issues should do it. Hope you stick around to see the end.

» Upcoming films I am excited for

There's some good stuff coming in the next year here (or two or three). This is what I want to see:

The Hobbit
This is the movie(s) Tolkien fans have been waiting for since the beginning. I just hope they don't mess with the story too much.
If you haven't read the book yet, you should do it now.

Iron Man 2
The first movie was awesome, I think they picked the perfect guy for the leading role. Now that the 'origin' stuff is out of the way, we get to see more iron man action! Yes!

The Wolverine Move
This one is going to be fun. Hugh Jackman is great as Wolverine, all angry and moody and stuff.

The Third Batman Movie
I don't know anything about this one except how awesome it's going to be. It will be the best film of the year or the biggest letdown of the year!

My favorite actor right now is Christian Bale, so I am definitely going to go see this one at least once.

As always, what is your opinion? What do you want to see?

» City Folk

George the Cat has been a great introduction for me into the world of webcomics. Going from scrap paper drawings to crisp white, computer touched-up strips was a huge leap. All in all, it has been a great experiment.
As George the Cat is phased out, a new project is beginning. My brother and I are constructing a new site called [url="http://cityfolk.smackjeeves.com"]City Folk[/url] using all that I have learned here. So far things are going great. We are very excited to launch the site next month, once things are in order. City Folk is a much bigger , more community driven webcomic with a ton of new features. Help us start it right. Thanks.

» Short Break

George will be taking a short break (the month of January). Thank you for the support.

My brother and I are preparing for the launch of our new webcomic City Folk, which should happen in February. Keep checking in, this is gonna be a good one.

» New Direction

Stay tuned for news of a new webcomic coming to Smack Jeeves in January from the author of George the Cat and New Hope ryank_119 and co-authored by Bubb10.

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